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In Thuis, the words of Kirk Heuval must be followed.

As the keeper, Patriz has to ensure that everyone in Thuis adheres to the rules. Everyone is constantly monitored, and there are sanctions for any breaches. 

But tension is rising in Thuis. Anonymous threats have been received, which is making the leader, Mal, more paranoid than usual. His accusations are relentless, and most of them are directed at Patriz’s sister, Olla. It’s Olla’s son, Connor, who Mal really resents, though. Connor will be his successor, and Mal is determined to prove that he’s unworthy.


Knowing that Mal is trying to gather evidence of Connor flouting the rules, Patriz is keeping a very close eye on his nephew. But he’s so busy monitoring Connor that he misses something crucial.


                                                      He fails to notice that Olla’s in over her head.

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