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Patriz has taken care of the situation with Connor and Olla. Now he just needs to make sure that no one realises what transpired. He’s confident that the truth will remain hidden, though.

                                             As long as they all read from the same script, that is.


After everything that has happened, Olla’s vulnerability is showing. She’s finding it hard to manage, especially as Mal is constantly on her back. His harassment of her is non-stop, and she’s not sure how much more she can take.


Mal’s persecution isn’t limited to Olla. In response to the threats against the panel, he’s increased security, which is causing some unrest in Thuis. Patriz has to find a way of enforcing the rules while keeping Mal’s ambitions in check.


                                    But just as he’s managed to appease Mal, Connor decides otherwise.

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