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Things are returning to normal for Patriz. But when an unexpected challenge to the rules is put forward, he finds himself in a difficult position. Defeat would be a disaster, both in his professional and his personal life.


                                    Losing isn’t an option, but he’s going to need some assistance.

When Mal is suddenly taken ill, everything changes. Connor is no longer able to opt out of his responsibilities. If he won’t accept his true heritage willingly, he’ll be forced to do so. Although Olla is worried about Connor, she’s found support and friendship from an unexpected source. But she needs to put an end to the blackmail before the truth comes out.


Patriz has always dismissed the threats against him as nonsense. He couldn’t be more wrong. When the dissenters finally make their move, their target is someone close to him.


                                                          Unfortunately, the rules are absolute.

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